We are updating our system


There is a lot going on under the surface at OPO. We are updating our ERP in March, something that can affect the daily operations and contact with our clients during some of the dates.

Yes, dear client, we are about to perform some bigger updates on our system and it can affect our contact with you some of the days.



Shop down 25th of March

Email down 22-25 of March

We will update our ERP to a more modern version on the 25th of March. This same day we will also update our shop, shop.opo.se and our mail system, which implies that you can not use our shop on the 25th of March and you can not reach us by email from the 22th to the 25th of March. So, on Tuesday the 26th we will answer your emails. The system change will not affect you



The updated version of our shop will have a more modern look and feel and be better adjusted to smartphones and tablets. The biggest difference will be that we work with filters instead of menus to find the frames. Something we hope will make the user experience more smooth. You will still have to click your way through Tools and Accessories in order to find these. 

The shop will be down on the 25th of March and we will be working with it on the 26th, but you should be able to make your purchases. 

We ould be very grateful to get your feedback on the new shop. Good things and bad. Please email your thoughts and eventual bugs or problems you encounter to our Head of marketing, lisa.loderus@opo.se


We hope none of the above will cause any disturbances in your daily business.  

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