WeSC Eyewear is a contemporary Eyewear brand with limited collections, designed in Sweden, aimed at the Nordic market and a trend-sensitive audience.


WeSC Eyewear originates from the Swedish skate brand WeSC, founded by Greger Hagelin in Stockholm in the '80s. WeSC became a cool streetwear brand, featured in their own stores around the Nordic region and at retailers all over the world, worn by skaters, surfers, and hang arounds.

WeSC eyewear was founded in 2015 as a license production. For many years, Carin Wester was head of design at WeSC and her strong thoughts influenced the eyewear design. Today, WeSC has its creative headquarters in New York and has become an American east coast brand for, what they call, “The wasted youth”. The original slogan was, “We are the superlative conspiracy”. As the slogan changed, the apparel and the Eyewear brand also departed.

Today, WeSC Eyewear has its own universe and has evolved to be a contemporary eyewear brand, designed in Malmö, aimed at an ageless audience with a young spirit.


When our design department got the task to develop a contemporary brand for a young, conscious audience, they put their ears to the ground and listened. How do young people feel about glasses these days? And what are the most important features for something that you wear, visible on your face, all day long?

Wearing glasses in the 21´th century is not as stigmatizing as it once was. On the contrary. The young and trend sensitive and somewhat careful Nordic audience preferably wears trendy glasses, inspired by luxury brands, not too expressive but rather a bit discrete.


The Scandinavian clean look with one or a few natural colors is a perfect match with the WeSC street wear heritage. This exciting combination and our skilled designers feeling for colors, fits, and materials, has built a solid foundation for an Eyewear brand that can evolve with its audience without losing its personality. The frames are genderless and ageless, but the right wearer knows which frame to choose.

Photographer for WeSC SS22 is Helena Poneli.


For our photoshoots for WeSC we have used David Gabrielron, a local Malmö photographer focused on fashion photography.
We are very happy with the work we have created together.