Decades of experience makes Serengeti a world leader within innovation and creativity within the line of eyewear. The vision for Serengeti is to be the premium creative brand featuring the most advanced technologies. The Serengeti sunglasses consist of high tech lenses, in mineral glass or Trivex material, and handcrafted frames made of premium materials with focus on sustainability and durability.

The brand is divided into Serengeti main collection that consists of a number of lifestyle collections and Serengeti Sport, high quality sporting classics using premium lens technology.

Sold only at selected retailers.


If you want to get to know the Serengeti brand, be prepared to learn a lot about different lenses and their functionality. Serengetis history goes back to 1877 when Corning patented a lens with improved mechanical and thermal durability. Since then they have been developing lenses for sun-protection that should withstand temperature changes, enhance contrast and filter blue light, combine the functionality of Photochromic and Spectral control, and also developing the PhD lens, made of the Trivex material, originally used for the US military for fighter jet canopies and helicopter windshields.


Ultra light mineral lenses

Polarizing technology that eliminates 99.9% of polarized light reflections and offers

100% UV protection

Spectral control that enhances natural color balance and improves contrast.

Photochromic technology that enables the lense to adjust to the sun´s intensity.

PhD lens built with NXT, made of Trivex material

Used in the sport series for lightness, impact resistance and for being the prefect balance of visual and physical performance.


The frames from Serengeti are a true craftsmanship. They have their main line, divided in to Creator collection, Driving heritage collection and Essential collection.

The creator collection is more artistic and expressive with frames as Vinita and Winona.

The driving heritage collection echoes the very essence of the brand and restyles iconic driving designs.

The Essential collection contains a number of classics min a timeless styling.

Serengeti Sport

There is also the Serengeti sport, hight quality sporting classics using premium lens technology. The sport collection is made of Eco nylon. Eco nylon is a plant based polymer, free from petrol and 40% less impactful on the environment than traditional plastics.

The sport collection has a more minimalistic spirit and lighter lenses.

Serengeti – a part of Bollé Brands

Bollé Brands is the French company with a century-old history and several well-known brands in its portfolio. Common to all of Bollé Brand's brands are the high demands on performance, innovation and design. OPO Scandinavia is a proud retailer in Sweden, Denmark and Norway of the high-tech sunglasses from Bollé and Serengeti.

OPO Scandinavia started distributing and selling Bollé and Serengeti in May 2021. With the same basic values regarding expert knowledge and customer focus, we strongly believe in the collaboration and offer of specialized products. Both OPO and Bollé Brands designs, produces and sells quality products – an important component of OPO's product portfolio.

If you are interested in the Bollé and Serengeti brands, contact your local OPO sales representative.