Presenting F22, the new affordable collection of Titanium frames for men. F stands for frame and 22 is the number for titanium on the periodic table. The name is as simple and straightforward as the frames themselves.

We've all heard of Volvo and Saab. Now it's time for F22, Swedish quality eyewear made of lightweight Titanium for perfect comfort.

Designed in Sweden to suit the Scandinavian man, F22 A is the premier collection, consisting of 10 models. Each model features a reliable frame, flex hinges, and the technical details needed to live up to the wearer's expectations. F22 glasses are more than an aid, they are a style statement.

Let F22 be your style.


Product: Titan frames for men

Market: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway

Material: Pure Titanium, Beta Titanium, with a softer allegation,

Carbon fiber and Acetate.

Style: technical frames, with OBE flex and detail on the temples to give a more exclusive feeling.


Target group:

The F22 collection has been made with the 40+ male individual in mind.

A man who cares about his appearance, but where functionality

is even more important.



The Swedish design heritage originating in technical

products, such as cars and airplanes.


Where to find them:

Please contact your local OPO Scandinavia sales agent or buy them online on shop.opo.se from August 2019