Presenting F22, an affordable collection of Titanium frames for men. F stands for frame and 22 is the number for titanium on the periodic table. The name is as simple and straightforward as the frames themselves.

Product: Titan frames for men

Market: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway

Material: Pure Titanium, Beta Titanium, with a softer allegation,

Carbon fiber and Acetate.

Style: technical frames, with OBE flex and detail on the temples to give a more exclusive feeling.

Target group: The F22 collection has been made with the 40+ male individual in mind. A man who cares about his appearance, but where functionality is even more important.

Inspiration: The Swedish design heritage originating in technical products, such as cars and airplanes.

Where to find them: Please contact your local OPO Scandinavia sales agent or buy them online on shop.opo.se from August 2019