Cébé is the brand with 130 years of history. Cébé was born in the Jura mountains in Morez. A pioneer in the manufacture of sport sunglasses that also produce helmets and goggles. Their focus lies on high altitude products to wear while skiing, mountain-climbing or trail running. They have been working with both construction of their frames to be stable, and with the lenses to be protective and still give maximum color differentiation in nature.


When you dive into the lens technology of the Cébé lenses you can read a lot about the durable mineral lenses, and the impact-resistant and significantly lighter Polycarbonate lenses, ideal for sports and outdoor activities.

Important with the lenses in the Cébé products is to get high contrast to highlight details on trails. They also work a lot with photochromic lenses that adapt to the different light conditions that originate from the variety of nature.


Cébé uses S´tech for their frames, a technology designed with and for sports champions to ensure a perfect hold on the face. Furthermore, they have adjustable nose pads, adjustable temples, anti-slip rubber, and double injection for maximum comfort and no pressure points.

Many of the Cébé models have interchangeable lenses and are also supplied with 1 or 2 spare lenses.


Cébé has also developed a large segment for youth, or “the little pinoneer” as they call their customers. Because children generally receive 3 times the annual sun exposure of adults, and since young eyes are especially sensitive, Cébé has developed lenses with both blue light protection and 100% UV protection.

In the Junior segment you find quality sunglasses for babies and Junior (2-10)

The frames are made of ultra flex TPX material with spring hinges and covered hinges. The junior lenses all have blue light protection and come in eco friendly packaging.