OPO Scandinavia designs, markets and sells eyewear and optical supplies to, and in partnership with, opticians. We are present in each country, throughout the Nordic region and always operate close to our customers.


We are known for our high level of service. We are also known for our products with a typical Scandinavian feel.

Our service consists of an incredibly knowledgeable and accessible customer service team, who speak all the Nordic languages. We have a central warehouse in Malmö in Sweden, with fast deliveries to all our markets, not least all the spare parts that we keep in stock. We have local sales representatives for each market and a fantastic team of staff to help with financial and market needs.


Our design department works at least one year ahead in its processes. They are schooled in classic Scandinavian design and have a long experience of designing frames for the Nordic market. Quality meets functionality, mixed with a decent dose of personal taste are all part of our design ethos.

Over the years, OPO has also designed several notable collaborations and license collections for, among others, Finnish Kalevala and Belgian fashion house, Viktor & Rolf. Today, OPO Scandinavia designs number of different brands.


OPO had its first major success in 2004 with the KunoQvist brand, which took SILMO by storm when it was released. Since then it has grown to be one of Sweden's largest brands within ophthalmic frames. KunoQvist is a brand that can be found at almost all independent opticians in the Nordic market.

Characteristics of KunoQvist are colourful metal frames and timeless design with a focus on the details.


OPO Scandinavia was founded in 1996 by the two friends Ola Kunosson and Peo Stjernqvist, then called Ola & Peo Agenturer.

Today, OPO Scandinavia is owned by Seafire AB – a company group generating growth through the acquisition of profitable companies developed by an active and long-term ownership. And things are going well for OPO Scandinavia. Since Irena Färemo, the former CFO at OPO, took over the leadership in 2015, OPO has grown steadily. 

Today we have our head offices, studios, and showrooms at the top of a former printing plant, in Malmö's oldest industrial area. Here, as an optician and customer with us, you are always very welcomed to visit. From time to time we arrange optician evenings with lectures on the design process and presentation of our latest collections.