We develop lady-frames together with Finland's strongest jewelry brand. The design is inspired by the Kalevala jewelry and each model is based on a piece of jewelry, which also gives the name to the frame.

Kalevala Koru Oy (Kalevala Jewelry) is one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in northern Europe. The company designs, manufactures, and markets high-quality gold, silver and bronze jewelry, and owns two high-level consumer brands: Kalevala and Lapponia Jewelry.

People's life stories, shifts in nature and current events inspire Kalevala's distinct and well-known design language. As part of the production process, the old Finnish handicraft tradition is mixed with new technology. All production takes place in Finland and as far as possible, recycled materials are used. The wearer's individuality, as well as sustainable production with the utmost respect for our common environment, are central values in Kalevala's world.


Since 2019 we also design a collection of Kalevala sun with polarized lenses for a small group of clients.