YOUNG by OPO Scandinavia is a combined collection of frames for children and teens. This collection contains a limited number of models. These models will develop and adjust in accordance with sales, trends, and wishes from our customers.

YOUNG and Barndiabetesfonden

OPO Scandinavia has chosen to support the research into type 1-diabetes through the brand YOUNG Eyewear.
Starting in 2023, 5% of every YOUNG frame sold goes to Barndiabetesfonden in Sweden.
The money collected by the fund goes towards research for finding a cure for type 1-diabetes.

Barndiabetesfonden works to increase knowledge of the disease in society and provides support to those affected and their relatives. The fund is also the single largest funder of research into type 1-diabetes in Sweden.

Want to know more about Barndiabetesfonden? Visit their website

YOUNG has so far, donated 37 084 SEK to Barndiabetesfonden.

The total was updated on the 2nd of June 2023.


How big is a four year old? What kind of colours appeals to a 12 year old? Do all young children need frames that can endure play?

Instead of trying to answer these questions with general answers and adapt to these, we have created one combined collection of frames for children and teens. It is not for us to say who will pick the pink frame, or if the roundish acetate is trendy enough. It is the wearers choice.


YOUNG by OPO Scandinavia contains a limited number of models. These models will develop and adjust in accordance to sales, trends and wishes from our customers. The Young collection of frames for kids and youth will grow over time and popular models will continue to be produced while we add new, trendy styles. There will be three price levels, depending on the material, the size and the design.

Being a retail client, you can mix and match freely from this pallet of frames and update your collection in your store whenever it´s needed.


There will always be a number of more trendy frames and some more sporty and practical. There will be more traditional girlie frames and more boyish ones. There will be strong colours and soft. You and your clients choose which ones suits you best.

We strongly believe that this concept will make it easier for you and us to create

something together that our wearers will really appreciate!


The TEEN part of the YOUNG F/W2020 release, is a less is more collection of frames for the conscious wearer, or the conscious the parent. 

We have designed the models with great care and
coloured them in subtle, trendy shades

suitable to this autumns fashion.

There is a round one, two trendy acetetes and a light metal that is discrete and easy to wear. 

USP: Free spareparts for 2 years

Extra: Case and cloth is available without extra cost


Our designers have been a little more creative in terms of colours when designing the smaller frames. You can find the “bubblegum pink” that is a trending colour this autumn, as well as a number of transparent pastel tones.

Focus has been on creating frames with the perfect fit, made to withstand out door play. The frames should be attractive enough for a younger kid to choose, as well as match the child´s own appearance and please the parents. A tricky task, but we think we solved it.

USP: Free spareparts for 2 years

Extra: Case and cloth is available without extra cost


We are aware that children's frames in particular can be difficult to sell for independent opticians, when many of the large chains give children's frames away for free, and instead charge for the parents' frames and glasses. But there is a large target group that values ​​both the quality of the frame, the glass and not least the service you opticians can offer your customers, rather than a low price. Be clear about the fact that families can apply for grants from county councils for children's frames and that all frames in the YOUNG collection have spare parts for up to two years *.


* This applies two years after purchase to the store.