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It´s summer in Sweden and the rest of Europe and time for us to enjoy the beautiful weather. We wish all of our clients and partners a wonderful summer! Read below about our summer - opening times!



OPO Scandinavia has had a long period of very good years. Something we are happy about these days as society and trade falter. We will slow down until the holidays and see what happens in the world and the Nordic region before we scale up again.

Degradable plastic bags


From 2020 and onwards, we will pack all our frames in bags of biodegradable plastic.



We are in the middle of a global crisis, yet at OPO Scandinavia we keep calm and carry on. We think about everyone that is affected, directly or indirectly by this crisis and hope that the virus will be defeated and the economic situation will be stabilized soon.

Read about Opo in the new issue of 20/20Europe


Last Autumn our creative manager Anna Mälstad was interviewed by the Italian eyewear magazine 20/20 Europe. Prefect in time for January 2020, this year's first issue of the magazine is out. Please read about Opo on page 42-44.

OPTI 2020


Dear customers, we look forward to seeing you on OPTI in Munich on the very first fair during 2020. We will work hard to get all the collections and the new stand ready until the 9th of Januari when the fair opens.

Christmas calendar


The best Christmas calendar this year can be found at the OPO Scandinavia Instagram! Every day we have a Christmas gift for you or your store. It can be yours though just a few, kind words.

Opticians at our HQ


Last Saturday we had Skånes finest visiting us, or at least a number of them. Our Swedish sellers Fredrik and Paula had invited some of our geographic closest clients to see the new collections, for discussions and a nice mingle/dinner.

Fake mail


Dear clients, yesterday a fake mail with an attachment was sent out to our clients in our name. It does not come from OPO so please don't open it and don't open the attachment.

Register and get 10%


Dear client, we would like to invite you to our webbshop for retailers, Don´t miss out on good deals and campaigns that we run every month and discover what a good platform it is to get an overview of our complete offer.