OPO Scandinavia's vision of designing frames accessible to everyone also includes the ambition to become a more sustainable company. We continuously test, evaluate and analyze our production methods and material choices in order to scale up a more sustainable production.

Here you can read about some of our choices and how we integrate sustainability in our work.


> Regular meetings where we speak open and freely and we can discuss sustainability.

> New cases for our frames. They are delivered folded to save transport. They also have a core of pressed paper instead of metal, which is both more durable and lighter.

> All our products are delivered to us in zip bags made of biodegradable plastic

> Waste recycling, paper, and corrugated board and regular collection of plastic/glass/batteries, etc

> Transparency of the materials we use. Our designers are now looking at whether Eco acetate is as good as it is said, and if it fits our product portfolio.




> Thorough review of all market material. More sustainable materials, less packaging and more locally produced. 

> We have developed boxes in unbleached cardboard, adapted to accommodate a maximum possible number of products and related marketing materials in each shipment. This saves shipping and packaging.

> Our designer has reviewed our processes and streamlined these to minimize samples, something that saves materials, transport, time and costs.