In OPO Scandinavias' vision to become Swedens primary eyewear company, there is also the ambition to become a more sustainable company. 

Step one for us is to make more conscious choices. Step two is to adopt a more holistic approach to our production and overall responsibility for our products.

Here you can read about some of our choices and how we integrate sustainability in our work.


> Regular meetings where we speak open and freely and we can discuss sustainability.

> New cases for our frames. They are delivered folded to save transport. They also have a core of pressed paper instead of metal, which is both more durable and lighter.

> All our products are delivered to us in zip bags made of biodegradable plastic

> Waste recycling, paper, and corrugated board and regular collection of plastic/glass/batteries, etc

> Transparency of the materials we use. Our designers are now looking at whether Eco acetate is as good as it is said, and if it fits our product portfolio.

> Thorough review of all market material. More sustainable materials, less packaging and more locally produced. 


> We have developed boxes in unbleached cardboard, adapted to accommodate a maximum possible number of products and related marketing materials in each shipment. This saves shipping and packaging.

> Our designer has reviewed our processes and streamlined these to minimize samples, something that saves materials, transport, time and costs.

> Visiting Copenhagen Fashion Summit to keep up with how the fashion world works with sustainability.




Throughout the years we have sent frames that we have not been able to sell, or returns, to Danish “Syn for Sagen”. They are a group of Danish opticians who travel to developing or poor countries in Arica and South America. They bring our frames, perform free vision tests on the villagers who would otherwise have no opportunity to visit an optician, and then ensure the frames get the right glass.



In 2019, we sent 1000 of our fine, glazed reading glasses to the Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation.

They work with providing humanitarian and medical assistance to people in need. They focus on refugee camps in Kurdistan and nearby countries.

We hope that our reading glasses will benefit people on the run who may have lost everything. Being able to see and read and thus take care of one's self is important for everyone, but perhaps especially for people in extremely vulnerable situations.

Read more about Bring Hope here.