We offer a wide collection affordable frames under the brand Nordic Performance & Simplicity. Even in this low-price segment, we aim to maintain the highest possible quality for the price.

  • NPS Eyewear 500X385
  • NPS Eyewear 500X385 2
  • NPS Eyewear 500X385 4
  • NPS Eyewear 500X385 3


We have been working with the NPS collection since 2005 and it's a constant development in cooperation with our clients and the market. Today we offer a wide range of metal frames with flex hinges for both men and women, as well as trendy acetate frames in colours ranging from neutral back to transparent red.


Like our NPS collection of ophthalmic frames, the NPS sun collection consists of classic models with a certain trend factor.
In the sun collection, we have chosen to work with metal and acetate.

The sunglasses come with polarizing lenses with 100% UV protection.

All models are glazable.

  • NPS SOL Eyewear 500X385
  • NPS Sun 500X385 1
  • NPS Sun 500X385 2
  • NPS Suncover 500X385 1
  • NPS Suncover 500X385 3
  • NPS Suncover 500X385 2

NPS Suncovers

In autumn 2022, we launched NPS Suncovers with polarized lenses.

NPS Suncovers are a simple and comfortable type of sunglasses, placed on top of the wearer's own ophthalmic glasses for instant sun-protection. The perfect solution for those who seek an affordable alternative to prescription sunglasses. NPS Suncovers are available in several different designs and colors, made to match many different types of ophthalmic frames.