A Revolution in Expressive Fashion, Fueled by AI


In a world where creativity knows no bounds, Studio Eyewear brings a groundbreaking revolution to the high fashion eyewear industry. In the fall of 2023, Studio Eyewear embraces the new technology to create a new kind of AI-generated campaign images, combining the very physical eyewear frames designed by Anna Mälstad in the studio in Malmö, with a visual AI dream world.

It’s real but yet not real. It’s high fashion with a touch of surrealism. Studio Eyewear has taken creativity to the next level by photographing the upcoming F/W 2023 collection of high-quality frames and placing them on human-like models in an artificial intelligent world. In this digital fantasy, the very real eyewear designed by human hands, takes center stage and are given a unique opportunity to exit in two universes, inviting the audience into the Studio Eyewear dream.


Unleashing Creativity Through AI

As the world turns upside down, Studio Eyewear has chosen to embrace change and defy the ordinary. The design- and marketing team, driven by their heart and desire, have ventured into uncharted territory by creating a visual representation of the Studio Eyewear world in a new and bold way. This innovative move is inspired by the brand’s namesake: the Studio, a sanctuary for limitless creativity and where wonders can happen.

The new captivating visual images showcase the perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology, human imagination, and design, creating an unparallel experience that resonates deeply with the audience.

“As you immerse yourself in Studio Eyewear’s AI-powered world, witness the seamless harmony between the exquisite frames and the AI-models. This synergy amplifies the essence of Studio Eyewear: expressive, daring, and unique,” says Anna Mälstad, chief designer.

Studio Eyewear has always been synonymous with expressive eyewear for women who dare to stand out. The large, bold, and colorful frames are crafted from the finest Italian acetate, sourced from the renowned supplier Mazzucchelli. This impeccable material ensures every piece is a testament to quality and style. All metal parts are silver or gold plated and the hinges are 5-barrel hinges.


The new collection will be released in August.

This is Studio Eyewear, the future is now.



Designer: Anna Mälstad

Photography: Max Alm Norell

AI creator & Make up artist: Camilla Jonsson


For more information please contact:

Sarah Lavesson

Head of marketing OPO Scandinavia

sarah.lavesson@opo.se or +46 701 46 62 73

www.studioeyewear.se ||  shop.opo.se

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