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On May 30, 2022, OPO Scandinavia was sold to the listed investment company Seafire. From previously being majority-owned by Small Cap partners, Seafire now owns 100% of OPO shares.

OPO has had 4 fantastic years together with the Skåne-based investment company Small Cap Partners. They have taken an active part in the board and have been a great support to both the CEO and the organization.

"We are grateful for the support and cooperation we have received from Small Cap Partners and now look forward to continuing the growth journey together with Seafire AB", says Irena Färemo, CEO, OPO Scandinavia AB.


SCP's plan was to sell within five years and the time was just right this spring. OPO Scandinavia has made a profit, year after year, and is expanding both on the personnel side and the product side at the moment.


"Through active ownership, we, together with CEO Irena Färemo and her team, have developed the company into a scalable platform with impressive growth. OPO Scandinavia has been a very successful investment for SCP Fund II", say Per Nilsson and Jesper Jelmteg, Partners, SCP Advisors.

“Seafire is a company group generating growth through the acquisition of profitable companies developed by us through active and long-term ownership. Together, we develop your company towards continuous success while maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit!”


This is how Seafire describes themself. The plan is now that they, with their network and expertise in developing companies, will be involved as active support in OPO's continued journey.


"We are pleased to continue to develop OPO together with the staff towards continued expansion," says Johan Bennarsten, CEO of Seafire AB


OPO's mission, to be the Optician's best partner, a service-minded organization with Scandinavian design and quality in focus, will not be disturbed. On the contrary, they now hope to be able to scale up further. The optics industry faces major challenges both in terms of the digital part and the fact that a few players control most of the market. OPO Scandinavia has a lot of expertise and drive in its staff and wants to continue to be a challenger to the biggest while maintaining its personal touch.


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