OPO Scandinavia supports, through the YOUNG brand, the research into type 1 diabetes


The number of children developing type 1 diabetes are increasing in the Nordic countries. Despite modern technology and better treatment, type 1 diabetes often leads to severe sequelae and a shortened life. The only thing that can lead to a cure is research.

The Swedish Barndiabetesfonden works to spread knowledge about the disease in society and provide support to affected children and relatives. The fund is also an important contributor for research into type 1 diabetes in Sweden.

Type 1 diabetes affects the eyes and can lead to visual impairment. Therefore, it is important to have regular eye examinations and many people need glasses. As producers of eyewear frames, OPO Scandinavia has chosen to support research into type 1 diabetes through its brand YOUNG Eyewear.

Starting 2023, 5% of every sold YOUNG frame goes to Barndiabetesfonden. OPO Scandinavia is contributing so that the research can move forward in order to eventually find a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Barndiabetesfonden's secretary general Åsa Soelberg is grateful that OPO Scandinavia helps make the issue of type 1 diabetes visible to more people and that they will donate a sum per frame sold. It is a great initiative, she says.

– We are overjoyed about this fantastic opportunity that OPO Scandinavia gives us. They are with us in the fight against type 1 diabetes and contributes to the vital type 1 diabetes research, says Åsa.

Read more about YOUNG here.

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