RX lenses from Bollé Brands

How to order RX lenses from Serengeti and Bollé

Information regarding the brands Serengeti and Bollé.

This is a short introduction on how to work with the Bollé Brands RX site. If there are any questions be sure to contact us at info@opo.se.

Please note that the RX lens technology is not available for every Bollé Brand model.

Create a login

To order RX lenses for the sunglasses from Bollé brands, you need to send a request with your preferred email, to the OPO customer service: info@opo.se

We will create a request to Bollé brands with your preferred email.

Bollé brands will then send you a username and password.


How to order on the website

Go to the RX webshop: https://rx.bollebrands.com/

Login in with your details.
Note: You can not copy paste the login/password from the email. You have to fill it in manually.

When you have logged in – you will be guided through a number of choices depending on what product you want to order.

Click here for a visual user guide to the RX webshop for opticians (pdf format).

How to place an order:

1. Please choose brand/product range.

2. Select "Create new order"

3. Fill in the prescription

4. Choose the frame

5. Choose the size and colour of the frame
Plese note that for Serengeti, a frame can appear as "Partially available", meaning that this is either available in Trivex OR Mineral lenses.

6. Choose the lens

7. Fill in the measurements

8. Click "Complete my order"

9. A summary of the order is shown – add to cart

10. Place your order and select your delivery address


The complete product, frame and lens, will be sent to you from Bollé brands (DK/SE) or OPO (NO).

Under My account you can change your details if needed.
If you encounter any problems during the process – please contact: info@opo.se