Spring / Summer


KunoQvist is a brand with roots in Scandinavian design, evolving each new season and that creates spectacle frames for the wearer who wants to express their own personal style. A clear signature for the brand is colours and details, something that can be found in every KunoQvist frame.

In the spring of 2023, we yearn for a sense of security and calm, something that is expressed in a collection with clean shapes and beautiful colour combinations.

  • KQ Tippa 500X385
  • KQ Tippa 500X385 Fr
  • KQ Tippa 500X385 Si

Treasured moments

This season we dream of light and relaxation. Taking time to enjoy moments with loved ones, but also time with ourselves. We seek a more balanced life, where there is room for both everyday life and time for relaxation and dreaming.

The promotional images for the S/S 23 collection were photographed in Abbekås, a true gem by the coast in south of Sweden. Here, the cosy "Bongerska huset" became our oasis in everyday life, with a sense of tranquillity. A suitable background for the timeless design of the frames.

Timeless and made to last

The inspiration for this season's collection comes from the image of a timeless Lady, where a classic look and exclusive materials take centre stage. A feeling that is reflected in the collection of 24 models, 16 for women and 8 for men. We also see some frames that, according to tradition, also challenges the wearer. This season, KunoQvist also presents a classic of its own – the popular dotted pattern that we saw in a previous collection, in the frame Solar.

KunoQvist designs spectacle frames that are Made to last and will be with their wearer for a long time. Stylish metal frames with unique details and colour combinations that enhance the wearer's own expression and style. An accessory that will be loved and last for a long time.

  • KQ Solar 500X385
  • KQ Solar 500X385 Si
  • KQ Solar 500X385 Fr






  • KQ Tgordon 500X385
  • KQ Gordon 500X385 Fr
  • KQ Gordon 500X385 Si

Colour story

The Scandinavian nature is always a source of inspiration. The blue tones of water and sky. The green and brown colours of the changing forest. Vivid pink and purple found among flowers and berries. The trendy colour purple suits those who want to try something new. The clear white, mother-of-pearl colour that appears on the frames Tippa and Missy, comes from our common longing for the spring light. A colour that stands out and creates a bold expression, with a feeling of security in one's own self.