Bollé is the sunglass brand for athletes. Their mission is to equip you to perform at your very best. They have been delivering performance innovation since 1888 and their ambition is to always have the best product on the market. Bollé is a brand driven by innovation. They are one of the brands that drive the product development withing lenses and materials within the segment sunglasses for active usage. With a strong heritage and a creative mindset, they have the prerequisites needed to be market-leading.

Lens technology

Their most recent development is within high contrast lenses, sport performance eyewear and a new design on sport/lifestyle products.

Together with Essilor, they have developed the Phantom lense, a combination of 3 technologies. Made with NXT material for enhanced definition and a molecular photochromic filter that adapts to all light conditions. Also, a high-contrast filter that improves color and depth perception. The Phantom lens comes in a wide variety of colours and usages.

They also have their own VOLT lense, an exceptional color enhancement lens in a number of variants. It is not Photochromic as Phantom and thereby also a price segment below.


Bollé has a number of sport models. BOLT, and BOLT 2.0 is the classic unisex Bollé product with the light and flexible frame, available with PC, VOLT or Phantom lense, a 3-position nose piece and today also in different sizes. It is developed for performance, stability and comfort while being active.

Lightshifter is the sports frame for large and XL faces. Available with PC, VOLT or Phantom lenses, curved for helmet integration and with a panoramic field of view. It is specially developed for running and cycling.



Bollé also has a Sport Lifestyle segment with a number of models to close the gap between sport and sport/lifestyle. Here you find sporty glasses of high quality for men and women, but with more life style designed frames than their genuine sport frames.

Bollé – a part of Bollé Brands

Bollé Brands is the French company with a century-old history and several well-known brands in its portfolio. Common to all of Bollé Brand's brands are the high demands on performance, innovation and design. OPO Scandinavia is a proud retailer in Sweden, Denmark and Norway of the high-tech sunglasses from Bollé and Serengeti.

OPO Scandinavia started distributing and selling Bollé and Serengeti in May 2021. With the same basic values regarding expert knowledge and customer focus, we strongly believe in the collaboration and offer of specialized products. Both OPO and Bollé Brands designs, produces and sells quality products – an important component of OPO's product portfolio.

If you are interested in the Bollé and Serengeti brands, contact your local OPO sales representative.