Get your set of display boxes from KunoQvist!


Decorate your store with the beautiful marketing material from KunoQvist. This spring we also offer a set of display boxes in pastel spring colors. First come...

As you know we always have a set of 2 banners and 2 countercards for our KunoQvist clients. This spring we also have a set of display boxes in sustainable cardboard that matches the marketing material perfectly. 

We have a limited amount of these boxes, made of pastel-colored cardboard with the KunoQvist print on. Each set contains 3 boxes. They are perfect for displaying the KunoQvist frames in your store or in your window.

Each set is worth €10, but we are happy to give you a set as long as the stock lasts.

How to get your hands on a set? Please contact your local sales representative.




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