Beautiful collaboration with Kimberley Kitti this spring


Kimberley Kitti Ahlströms has once again created beautiful and atmospheric images for KunoQvist with a spring and Easter theme.

The artist Kimberley Kitti Ahlström has previously created KunoQvist's popular images with themes such as Easter, summer and winter. Now we have chosen to collaborate again and Kimberley Kitti's fantastic Easter/spring photos will be shared on KunoQvist's Instagram and Facebook during April. There will also be a small guest performance by her lovely daughter Milley Maxette!

Kimberley Kitti is originally from Skåne, but now lives and works in Kiruna in Northern Sweden. She likes to highlight the feeling of Norrland in her atmospheric images and we think that Kimberley Kitti creates scenes that beautifully highlight KunoQvist's frames.

As part of the collaboration, we donate money to the Childhood Cancer Fund where Kimberley Kitti has been involved for many years. Her commitment comes from personal experience of cancer within the family, something that Kimberley Kitti has chosen to share in her upcoming biography which is planned to be published in 2023.

If you want to know more about Kimberley Kitti and take part in her exciting work, visit her Instagram account.

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