Let us present Olivia Johnsson, our new intern, straight from Milan where she worked as an industrial designer for kitchen aid tools. Now, she will learn everything about eyewear design together with our creative manager Anna Mälstad. Olivia is mostly welcome!

My name is Olivia Johnsson and I’m the new intern at OPO!


My journey towards becoming an industrial designer started around four years ago in a crowded hostel in the Indian quarters of Kuala Lumpur. I had just left Sweden to pursue my dream of exploring different corners of the world before traveling back to start my engineering studies, or so I thought. While I was out and about, I realized that it was industrial design studies that seemed to fit me the most. Said and done - the application exam was sent in from a shared container house on a surf camp somewhere between Sydney and Brisbane.


The road hasn’t always been straight. They never are. However, when I was chosen to go to Milan for a six months internship in a design studio it all fell into place somehow.


I find it both intriguing and strange that you sometimes need to leave home to understand where you’re going. It also gives you perspective on how incredibly lucky you are to have a home to leave in the first place. The road might not be straight for any of us but some have more obstacles than other -  the least we can do is to help remove obstacles from the neighboring road.

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