Spring/Summer 23

The New Collection for Men

The KunoQvist collection is sold at independent opticians in the Nordic countries. To find your local retailer please send us an email at info@opo.se.

Wearing Gordon

Wearing Gordon

Spring/Summer 2023

In the spring of 2023, we yearn for a sense of security and calm, something that is expressed in a collection with clean shapes and well-thought-out details.
KunoQvist is a brand with roots in Scandinavian design, evolving each new season and that creates spectacle frames for the wearer who wants to express their own personal style.

  • KQ GORDON C59 02
  • KQ GORDON C22 01
  • KQ GORDON C93 01
  • KQ GORDON C15 01
  • KQ GORDON C95 01


A stainless-steel frame, with a nod to the club master style. The front and temples have a pattern of angled and crossed lines that have been pressed into the metal, giving the Gordon a detailed look. The different colour combinations offers a pop of colour either on the outside of the frame or on the inside, depending on what the wearer prefers. Available in five colours.

Width 56
Depth 42
Nose 19
Temple 145


  • KQ AVIUM C94 02
  • KQ AVIUM C51 01
  • KQ AVIUM C62 01
  • KQ AVIUM C95 01


A round frame with an airy feel, but also a lot of character. Perfect for a face with softer features. The end piece meets the front a bit lower than on other frames of the collection, highlighted by a line running around the corner of the temple. A frame for the wearer who wants to try a different take on a round frame. Available in four colours.

Width 49
Depth 43
Nose 20
Temple 145


  • KQ LORENZ C91 02
  • KQ LORENZ C32 01
  • KQ LORENZ C59 01
  • KQ LORENZ C51 01


With a new and modern shape, Lorenz will become an instant classic for a wearer who want to stand out. This metal frame makes for a characteristic and bold expression and comes in one colour or a combination of two tones. A must-try! Available in four colours.

Width 51
Depth 42
Nose 19
Temple 145


  • KQ CAULIS C53 02
  • KQ CAULIS C15 01
  • KQ CAULIS C62 01
  • KQ CAULIS C59 01
  • KQ CAULIS C94 01


A classic men’s frame with a sporty feel, but with a twist. This timeless frame offers an eye-catching detail running along the temple all the way to the front. The zig-zag lines gives the frame character, showing that its wearer expresses themselves through their eyewear. Available in five colours.

Width 54
Depth 37
Nose 15
Temple 145


Wearing Harry

Wearing Harry

  • KQ HARRY C66 02
  • KQ HARRY C51 01
  • KQ HARRY C13 01
  • KQ HARRY C95 01


The other titanium frame of the collection. A larger frame with a thinner expression, but with a characteristic detail on the temple. A feature very representative of a men’s frame from KunoQvist: a step detail designed with a well-thought-out colour combination. A nod to Art Deco with giving this timeless frame a story. Available in four colours.

Width 55
Depth 39
Nose 18
Temple 145


  • KQ CHARLIE C35 02
  • KQ CHARLIE C15 01
  • KQ CHARLIE C55 01
  • KQ CHARLIE C95 01
  • KQ CHARLIE C96 01


One of two titanium eyewear pieces this spring. There is more material in this frame, but because of the lightweight metal, it’s still easy and comfortable to wear. Here the bold design provides a canvas for details and colours to take center stage. With a characteristic and becoming shape the Charlie is a standout frame this season.

Width 51
Depth 42
Nose 21
Temple 145


  • KQ KETTIL C62 02
  • KQ KETTIL C94 01
  • KQ KETTIL C15 01
  • KQ KETTIL C52 01


With an intricate metal pattern along the temples, this frame gives off a vibrant feel! Using decorated surfaces on metal has become a KunoQvist characteristic, and the frame Kettil is keeping the tradition alive. And it certainly rings true to theme of the classic and timeless feel of this year’s spring/summer collection. Still, this is a modern, light frame and very comfortable to wear. Available in four colours.

Width 54
Depth 41
Nose 19
Temple 145


  • KQ ZIKKY C15 02
  • KQ ZIKKY C55 01
  • KQ ZIKKY C56 01
  • KQ ZIKKY C95 01


Designed for a larger face the acetate frame Zikky with metal temples, comes in classic KunoQvist colour combinations. Choose either a one-tone acetate or a nice gradient pattern for your big and cool frame.
Available in four colours.

Width 55
Depth 47
Nose 20
Temple 150

MATERIAL: Acetate and metal