Läs om KunoQvist i nyaste numret av 20/20 Europe


I höstas blev vår nya kreativa chef Anna Mälstad intervjuad av den italienska glasögontidningen 20/20 Europe. Lagom till januari 2020 släpptes årets första nummer av tidningen och du läser om oss på sidan 42-44.

2020/Europe: What do you think of Scandinavian design?

Anna Mälstad: Scandinavia is a small part of the world, with very individualistic societies. We stand out from the rest of the world in many ways. Our design is well known for its simplicity, its clean lines and sometimes also its closeness to usefulness. If you look at IKEA, their design is interconnected with the purpose of the design. We are individualistic, yet we want to do good, make useful things and create meaning with our designs. I think this is very attractive for many people, as a contrast to very lavish, vivid but also less optimized design from other parts of the world. Our frames are no exception. I design beautiful frames - I want to make people happy when wearing them, but the features are often created with a purpose in mind.


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