The fashion trends 2019


Yesterday we visited the yearly trend seminar held by Colorhouse, a company specialized in collecting trends for the fashion/interior industry. This time, they told us everything about 2020. We would like to share last years seminar with you - that is - the trends for S/S 2019.

In short, the trends are rather permissive yet there are some things that stand out. The environmental aspect is one thing, the contrasts between the permissive and the worship of youth culture another.



Fluidity when it comes to gender and traditional femininity/masculinity will be seen more and more. At the same time, there is this narcissistic selfie trend where women show them selfies as sex objects rather then subjects and men show their muscles, also a bit like objects.


We have a clear flirt with the 70´s Disco culture. Its glitter and lurex, bodysuits, Studio 54, disco yoga, and retro jeans.


Irony is used to cope with the existence and mental health is an issue that will become more and more visible along with the environment that has to cooperate with future technology in order to survive. So, high tech sustainability.


Male fashion is influenced by the world surrounding us, so the Hawaii shirt has become nasty, the workwear is inspired by refugees, its greenwashing, nomad life, a celebration of the papa and the mustache is still hanging on.


For the women´s fashion, it is a lot about femininity redefined, the power suit and the girl boss as well as how women should embrace the flaw and at the same time be selfie expressionists. There is no room for subtle.


Some of the trends that we have taken to us and worked within the new KunoQvist collection - to be released in January 2019:

Men and pink. Brown desert colors. The sun within you. Biodynamic. Washed down blue. Cardboard boxes. Reality is poetry. Escape. Feminization. Nature and science. Sleeping beauty. The future is fluid. Pastels. Gold. Consumer as a collaborator. Embrace the flaw.


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