Molly is leaving us


Our dear accountant Molly Kummel is leaving us. It´s been 5 years of handling enormous amounts of numbers and excel sheets and we are a bit worried about what will happen with all these numbers now? And how can we keep track of MFF without Molly?

Mollys greatest interest in life is not numbers, even if she is an expert, but Malmö FF, Sweden´s (and maybe the worlds) best football club. She has followed them and kept us updated with the scores during these years. She has also brought us a lot of joy by being a warm and open person. We will miss her a lot for all of the above, including the amazing job she has done.

So, what´s next?

Molly is taking a course to become a massage therapist and she will be ready by next year. She will have her own business in Malmö, taking care of people's backs and aching muscles. Look for Care of Kummel next time you need to stretch out a muscle while you are in Malmö!

We wish her all the best of luck and we are sure it will be a succéss.

Before she leaves she has made 3 good practices for all of you that stand up in your shop all day long. 

THANK YOU MOLLY! And Good Luch with your new massage studio! 



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