Saving Mount Everest


In April 2019, a team of Swedish photographers took off to Nepal to portrait what is going on at Mount Everest, together with the well thought of National Geographic. They asked us for support with quality eyewear suitable for mountain climbing in mountains, covered in white snow. We gave them Julbo.


Martin Edström is a documentary photographer based in Stockholm. He has done many excursions to far off places. Now it was time to visit Nepal to uncover the environmental impact tourism has on the worlds most famous mountain, Mount Everest, together with National Geographic. We supported them with eyewear from Julbo to protect them from the very strong UV rays at such hights. You can read Martins story here. Updates and more photos will come during the summer


During the same time that they left for Himalaya, we could read in the European papers, that this was the deadliest year at Mount Everest ever. 8 people died while trying to reach the top this season and there were so many tourists up there that they had to wait in line. Besides this, the mountain is not adapted for mass tourism. The environmental impact all these climbers brought with them has made a dump out of one of the worlds most sacred and beautiful places. National Geographic will post an article about this, later on, supported by photos by Martin Edström and his team at Ivar Studios.


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