Welcome to Malmö


We would like to welcome all our clients, that will visit Copenhagen Specs, to a pre-drink in our showroom and headquarters in Malmö, the Friday before the fair.


Yes, we are of course attending this year´s Copenhagen Specs on the 7-8th of March. And we look forward to seeing you there. On the evening before the fair, we open up the doors to our showroom and headquarters in Malmö. 

We will serve drinks and snacks, a pre glimpse of the new collections and a nice mingle with us from OPO and other Opticians from Scandinavia. 

An invitation will be sent out by mail. 

Please rsvp to info@opo.se if you would like to come, and how many from your store that will show up.

We will need your answer on the 28th of February the latest. 


Date: Friday 6th of March

Time: 16-21

Place: OPO HQ, Celsiusgatan 29, Malmö

Rsvp to your local salesperson or info@opo.se


We look forward to seeing you!!  

Alla nyheter