Handling of personal information

At OPO Scandinavia we have always valued our clients integrity and our security level regarding collected data as good.


With the new GDPR regulations from the EU, we have to inform you about how we handle the data we have collected from you. Below you can read a short version about this.

We, OPO Scandinavia, are uttermost responsible for the data we have collected from clients, customers, subscribers of newsletters or any one else who’s data we have gathered.


Contact: OPO Scandinavia AB, Box 8085, 200 41 Malmö, Sweden.


We have collected the data in order to:

Reach you with our newsletter by email.

Be able to send you our products by post.

Be able to call you or email you in case of delays with deliveries or other issues regarding deliveries.


We will use it to send out newsletters, to send our products to clients, to get in touch with clients regarding orders, deliveries, meetings or other.


With our clients (business to business only) we have gathered data in order to write valid business deals and/or orders. We will gather your data until the purchase is completed and a period of 7 years thereafter, to be able to handle reclamation and guarantee issues and due to standard regulations regarding bookkeeping. 


With subscribers of our newsletter, we will gather your data as long as we keep on sending newsletters or until you unsubscribe from our newsletter. When a subscriber has unsubscribed from our newsletter we will erase the data from all lists, databases and other within a period of 10 days.


If you are interested in knowing what kind of information we have gathered about you, you are welcome to contact us and we will send you this information by email. Contact: info@opo.se


If you find any of the data we have collected misleading, we will, of course, adjust this according to your wishes. Contact: info@opo.se


A small note: The only information we have gathered from subscribers is your email address. The information we have gathered from our clients is first name, surname, address, email address, telephone number and company information. We are always eager to have updated information.


We have never and will never use the information/data we have about subscribers or clients for any other purposes then what is in compliance with our business, to sell eyewear in a business to business environment. We have never and will never sell or hand out this information further to any private person or company that is not a part of Opo Scandinavia.


In Sweden, Datainspektionen is the authority you can contact if you have questions regarding the above.


In short

What information do we gather about our clients and why?



To be able to handle orders/deliveries and to send out marketing material.

How we use the information:

Deliveries, including notifications and contacts regarding deliveries.


Handling of payment including analysis of possible payment solutions which can include control of payment history and collection of credit information.

Handling of reclamation and guarantee issues.


Categories of personal information:

Name, ID number, contact information (such as address, email, phone number).

Payment history.

Credit information from credit information companies.

Purchase history (what product has been ordered, alternative delivery address).


Legal usage:
Fulfillment of the purchase agreement. This gathering of your personal information is required for us to be able to fulfill our obligations according to the purchase agreement. If the information is not provided, we can not fulfill our commitment and we are therefore forced to refuse your purchase.


Storing of information:
We will store your contact information until the purchase is completed and a period of 36 months thereafter to be able to handle reclamation and guarantee issues.