In the spring of 2022, we take a step back and return to the core of the KunoQvist brand. Our designer has focused on developing and refining some of the shapes and expressions that have been typical for the brand since the start in 2005. KunoQvist is known for metal frames where details and colors are in focus. Our glasses should be seen as an extension of the wearer's own style and elevate their personality.

The personalities we have chosen to work with this spring are four people who all live and work in Malmö. Creative entrepreneurs with positive personalities and a clear expression in their own style that match the KunoQvist brand well.

Karin wearing Basilika and Torgny wearing Bruno

Karin wearing Basilika and Torgny wearing Bruno


Camilla Glifberg is a colorful stylist from Malmö. We first contacted her as a model for this shoot, but after a first meeting we agreed that she would also style the other characters. She has the same love for strong colors as KunoQvist and a fantastic sense of detail.

Camilla has previously worked as a model and knows what suits her and how she should best highlight her beautiful features. She fell for the largest frames in thin metal, Galax, which frame her eyes without disturbing. For the shoot, she also chose to wear Aletta, a slightly angular metal/acetate combo inspired by Georgia O´Keefe's artistic expression.



Torgny Vikbladh is the man, the myth, the yogi who previously ran the modeling agency Sweden models in Malmö. Today he lives with his wife Cecilia, who according to him who produces “the world's best vegetarian meat”, and a brand new Cane Corso puppy in Höllviken.

His slightly weathered, narrow, always tanned face and his positive appearance fit perfectly in the slightly more playful and colorful men's frames from the new collection. The round Bruno in yellow and blue and the aviator-shaped Avery. He also fit nicely in the metal frame Jerker, but then he suddenly looked like a classic CEO of a large company. And he does not want to be associated with that. Today he is a full time Yoga master.


If you are going out to eat in Malmö or Copenhagen, you should check out Karin Ericson's insta account @malmofoodstories. Karin is a writer, copywriter, foodie and sommelier. And, she leads dance classes at a gym. Yes, she has a lot of energy and it vibrates out of her. She got a pair of KunoQvist already in 2020 and we really liked working with this woman who both looks very good in the picture and has a strong, personal style.

From the new collection, she stuck to the leopard-colored, angular Karma that fits perfectly with her oval face. She also liked the acetate frame Samsra, but the tomato-red metal frame Basilika was best suited for the photo shoot.


Andres is the musician who sometimes takes model assignments. With his own, quite rock´n roll kind of style, it was fun to see how well he fit in the classic men's frame Jerker in black with orange metallic inside. We matched it with an orange rain jacket, and it also worked fine.

The frame that felt more like Andres' style was the combi frame Matteo which is one of the largest men's frames in the collection. Matteo in yellow and turquoise dressed well both for Andre's slightly square face and his own warm tones.