S/S 2020


Our Swedish design heritage is interpreted through clean lines, light and a consideration for beauty combined with function. To this we add our signature love of colour and details. Together, this creates the basis for the KunoQvist spring/summer 2020 collection of spectacles.


The S/S 2020 collection is lighter and thinner than previous ones. This offers the wearer extra comfort across the bow. In terms of sustainability, thinner frames also mean that we use less materials.

To the left, you can see ARNULF in brown. Arnulf is an acetate/nylon combination for men for the young and young at heart. A decorative frame, the acetate plays with transparency, just like in its female equivalent, Gunborg. 

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You may recognize some of our signature KunoQvist colour palettes and patterns, revisited in new, imaginative interpretations. The collection features a range of colours, from blue to nude, with disco glitter for the more extrovert wearer and transparent acetate for a more on trend look.

RONJA to the right is one of the more trendy metal frames in the spring collection. Its lightweight, 6 edged design is reminiscent of art deco jewelry at its finest. The geometrical pattern provides a number of opportunities for variations within the model.

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Choose your favourite KunoQvist frame and let your character shine through.

SOLDAG to the left is a small frame in a sassy combination of acetate and metal. A neat, lightweight frame.

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