We are always looking for interesting colaborations

Are you an influencer, a stylist, an official person in need of glasses? We are happy to sponsor the right people with the right glasses! Give us a call and let´s find out how! 


We have frames for men and women, in metal and acetate, some with a more trendy touch but most of them with our distinct colorful, detailed design. If you need glasses for yourself, and like light frames with the perfect fit, we might have your favorite! 

We prefer to collaborate with influencers who wear prescription glasses, and since our market is in the Nordic countries, your followers should be here too. 

At the moment we are super interested in smaller influencers with around 10.000 followers. 


If you are a stylist and need frames for a film/photoshoot, come and visit our showroom in Malmö - we have up to date frames as well as models all the way back to 1996... 

For films, we usually put in an anti reflect window glass to give it a realistic look. For a photoshoot, the best is to remove the glass/plastic that is inside all sample frames. 




Please contact our head of marketing, Lisa Loderus,
if you have questions/ideas regarding colaborations/sponsorships.

Tel: +46 763 113733 Mail: