Oatly and OPO Scandinavia in strategic collaboration based on Agenda 2030


In 2015 all United Nations members agreed on Agenda 2030, a comprehensive commitment for transformative change, listing 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), our most complex challenges, such as poverty reduction, education for all and to fight climate change. Business is a vital partner and key player in achieving these goals. On the 30th of October Green Buddy Initiative commenced a pilot with Oatly AB and OPO Scandinavia in working for the SDGs.

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), represent 94% of all the companies in the world (99.9% in Sweden). They are the social and economic cradle of our communities. Their participation in sustainable development is therefore crucial. The problem is that they often lack resources such as funding, time and knowledge to start the process (Novus, 2018, GRI, 2018). Large companies (MNCs) need to constantly deepen their efforts through learning and self-reflection, in order to meet rapid changes, stay agile, innovative and competitive in a world where sustainability is becoming the norm. 


Green Buddy Initiative from talk to action

Green Buddy Initiative offers an interorganizational learning platform matching larger companies with SMEs for a collaborative, co-creative learning process. The smaller company gets a kickstart in sustainable development and the larger company gets a chance to self-reflect and deepen.

A recent study show that an interactive relationship and process between cross sector SMEs and MNCs opens doors for new ideas, creativity and inventions. In addition the collaborative process between traditional industries and SMEs creates benefit and value for the greater society, by job creation and economic growth (Sweden Research, 2017).

The collaboration is grounded in Agenda 2030 with a focus on social, economic and environmental innovations, strengthening business strategy and creating social value.


On the 30th of October, 2018 Green Buddy Initiative commenced a pilot with Oatly AB and OPO Scandinavia. The goal is to create a platform that can be offered to companies as a way to align themselves better with Agenda 2030 through goal 17 of global partnerships and collaboration.


  • My spontaneous reaction; I love Green Buddy Initiative. We who are companies that are established in working with sustainable measures must constantly deepen our efforts and dare to go beyond our own sector to learn more, says Toni Petersson, CEO at Oatly


  • I believe this opportunity comes in the right timing for us as a company. We have internally started discussing what sustainability means for our sector and believe that there are enormous opportunities to work and act on, that will benefit our customers. Therefore this is a perfect chance to get input from Oatly who has been a pioneer within their sector, says Irena Färemo, CEO at OPO Scandinavia.


Green Buddy Initiative (GBI) – team:

Jonas Petter Barvé – Founder GBI/Core Conceptum.

Petra Flaum – Policy & Sustainability Strategist at Baseline Consulting.

Per Olsson – House of Competence.

Katarina Skalare – Hållbart by Skalare AB



Please contact the following representatives for an interview or further information:

Petra Flaum pf@greenbuddyinitiative.org / +46-739-942 464

Jonas Petter Barvé pb@greenbuddyinitiative.org / +46-709-141 800

Linda Nordgren, Oatly AB, Communication Manager linda.nordgren@oatly.com  / +46-731 52 55 90

Lisa Loderus, OPO Scandinavia, Head of Marketing lisa.loderus@opo.se / +46-763 11 37 33



Green Buddy Initiative is grounded in Agenda 2030 through Goal 17 – Global Partnership and Collaboration.

Green Buddy Initiative is a For Benefit-organisation.

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