Bollé brands is the French company with centuries of history, which manufactures high-tech sunglasses for sporty people under the three brands Bollé, Cebé and Serengeti.


OPO Scandinavia will start distributing and selling all three brands, Serengeti, Bollé and Cébé in May 2021. Bollé brands has a broad product portfolio that suits OPO well and the same basic values. We both have a strong customer focus and expert knowledge within the organization. We design, produce and sell both quality products. We strongly believe in this collaboration and are now looking forward to showing you the products in store.

As a consequence of this new agreement, we will stop distributing the Julbo brand from 31 August, but of course we will help the stores with complaints and guarantees on products already sold.


Dating back in time, the Serengeti makes sunglasses in the premium segment. Serengeti is world leaders in mineral lenses that fit their premium lifestyle frames perfectly. They have also developed a lighter polycarbonate lens in several different variations for different uses for the sportier frames. The frames are made of top-quality acetate with durability in focus. It is aimed at a slightly older age group who are happy to pay extra for design and quality.


Bollé is the sporty brand, market leader in sunglasses, ski goggles and helmets in the premium segment. Customers focus on training and performance and do not compromise on their equipment. Here, great emphasis is placed on the different lenses, where they work with different lenses for different sports. The fit of the frame is of great importance for sitting well in motion and working well in different activities.

If you want to know more about the different lenses, you are welcome to contact our customer service or your local OPO sales.


Cébé started as a brand for mountaineers over 100 years ago. Today, they develop products for customers who are looking for adrenaline kicks in various extreme sports in nature. Here it is important to have lenses that can handle different conditions at high altitudes. The frames should breathe and sit perfectly despite sweat and dirt.

They also have a large collection of quality products for children and young people that OPO can highly recommend. Children's eyes are more sensitive to the sun than adults' but are often forgotten. Here there are well-fitting children's frames that look cool and fulfill their task of protecting the eyes.