Designed in Malmö!


OPO Scandinavia’s design department is located in Malmö where creative director Anna Mälstad and the designers Gustav Kristensson and Anna Hörling works. All designers with long experience and great knowledge. Today no less than 8 brands are designed at OPO Scandinavia: Studio Eyewear, KunoQvist, Young, F22, WeSC, NPS, Kalevala and Balmuir.

Anna Mälstad’s desire to create beautiful, but also functional things took her to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, where many of the best designers of our time have studied. Now, she has worked as an eyewear designer for over 15 years, always with the wearer’s needs and desires in focus when she puts the pen to the paper and starts a new project. Today, Anna Mälstad is the creative director of the Swedish eyewear company OPO Scandinavia, and it was here that she got the opportunity to create eyewear collections that she herself would like to wear, now with the help of her designer colleagues Gustav Kristensson and Anna Hörling.

Something that has been important throughout the design process is joy. Like a garment, optical glasses are designed to be worn visibly, often from morning to evening. The overwhelming seriousness that much of today’s fashion exudes, was something Anna opposed. Frames designed at OPO Scandinavia should convey both a playfulness and an elegance that looks seemingly easy.

OPO Scandinavia’s design department is at least one year ahead in its processes to be in line with the fashion industry. Being schooled in classic Scandinavian design and having a long experience of making frames for the Nordic market, makes the process rock solid. Quality meets functionality, mixed with a decent dose of personal taste are all part of the design ethos. The department visits Copenhagen Fashion Summit to keep up with the latest trends in the fashion industry and to see how the fashion world works with sustainability. The design process is constantly evaluated so to minimize the ordering of samples to save material, transports, time and costs.

OPO Scandinavia are known for its high level of service that consists of an incredibly knowledgeable and accessible customer service team fluent in all the Nordic languages. OPO Scandinavia has a warehouse located in central Malmö, Sweden, enabling fast deliveries to all markets, both regarding frames and spare parts that are kept in stock. OPO Scandinavia have local sales representatives for each market which are supported by a fantastic team of staff to help with financial and marketing needs.

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