In December, we still had the hope of meeting you all at the spring-winter fairs. Now there are two fairs left that have not been cancelled, OPTIKTEAM in Vejle will still have their fair 5-6 of February!

The optical fair SOLF in Stockholm was blown off just before Christmas when the new restrictions in Sweden came into effect. Understandable and wise. It is difficult to mingle and socialize in large groups without exposing yourself to any risk. But we still hope that the fair will be off later in the spring. If only to meet you even if you have already made your purchases in-store.

Read more about the fair here.

The Norwegian fairs were booked off earlier as they got their restrictions earlier and are still living with them. Here we are now waiting for the restrictions to ease so that we can at least visit our customers in-store.

The Finnish fair Ville ja Vaapa, which is a little smaller in size, just got cancelled...


In Denmark, it is still believed that Optikteam's trade fair can be held in Vejle. We have booked it, we have packed the bags with frames and keep our fingers crossed. We will bring all our collections as well as have a part of the stand dedicated to our new brand Studio Eyewear.

So please, book a meeting with Poul Nielsson +45 (0) 28 60 80 43 or Majbritt Ingenmann: + 45 24 43 68 44

Download order -note valid on the Danish OPTIKTEAM fair here


We still hope to see you all in your stores now during the winter, at a reasonable distance, with all precautions taken. If you want a visit from us, you will find contact information for your OPO salesman/woman here.

And - OPTI, the German trade fair that always takes place in January is now scheduled for mid May. Read more about OPTI here



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