New Employee


We have hired a new employee for our warehouse. Martin Andersson started at OPO last week and he is already one of us!

When Leo, who ran our warehouse, told us that he was going to study, we all supported him. Of course he should follow his dreams! That it coincided with OPO's peak season and our all time high month throughout history, no one could have guessed. So we were very happy when Martin was able to start with us at relatively short notice.

Martin comes most recently from Limpex confectionery where he was responsible for the warehouse. So, he has a great habit of handling a lot of tiny items. Just like at OPO. Now we teach Martin all we know about OPO and look forward to a spring where he can handle the warehouse on his own. 

His ambition is "to contribute to a good workplace and deliver fast customer service". He is aware that we already have the best customer service in the industry, but firmly believes that it is always possible to find something that can be done better. He already contributes to a better workplace just by making us a little more equal (3 men and 8 women) so we strongly believe in Martin!

Martin is 38 years old and lives in Trelleborg with his wife, two children, two dogs and a cat. Yes you understand that it is a lot going on there. So to get some peace and quiet sometimes he plays hockey as a goalkeeper in Trelleborg Viking veterans, but secretly he is a fan of the hockey team Frölunda.

A warm welcome to Martin !!

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