Merry Christmas kids!


Since it's almost Christmas, we choose to make a Christmas photoshoot with some of our kids at the nearest bakery. Below you can read about our offers and collections for the next generation.

OPO christmaskids

As you might know, we have a wide range of eyewear for children. From the OPO Kid for the very young to WeSC for the young adults. It might not always be that fun to wear glasses when you are a child. Glasses can be uncomfortable, you have to be careful not to break them and you might prefer to be like the majority of the other kids, without glasses. 

That is why we think it's so important to design really nice frames for the next generation. They are the most important asset we have for the future and we love them to bits. What better way to spoil a child with vision problems than to give her or him the perfect glasses?

We have frames for children ranging from €9,90 (retail price) and offer free spare parts up to two years on Opo Kid. A very good deal for most opticians and their clients, the parents. 

OPO chistmas kids


We can offer our small ones the OPO Kid selection of colorful, durable and comfortable frames, suitable for small, rounded faces. 

For the slightly older, already aware of their looks, we have the KunoQvist Young collection. A minime version of the KunoQvist collection. Also with a lot of colors but less detailed as the collection for grown-ups. 

In our selection of brands, we have the Hello Kitty glasses for 2-4-year-olds. Very girly pink and purple glasses in both acetate and metal. The girls love them!

OPO christmas kidsAnd, for teenagers, the ones that could actually wear their frames as an accessory, we have the WeSC Eyewear collection in a collaboration with the Swedish streetwear brand. We design the frames, they supply us with mood boards and material from their fashion collections. 

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