Trade Fairs 2022

Where will you find us this year?

We look forward to a year packed with trade fairs, but we also know that everything can be put on hold on short notice. Below you can read which fairs you will find us at during the autumn. The list will be updated if anything changes. We hope for more, not fewer opportunities to meet you!


Trade fairs we will participate in:

KLARSYNT: Visby, 2nd - 4th of September

YOU AND EYE: Göteborg, 9th - 11th of September

SOLF: Stockholm, 14th - 15th of October

Norway & Denmark

INTEROPTIKK: Gardemoen, 25-26th of August

C-OPTIKK: Gardemoen, 2nd - 4th of September

ALLIANCE: Strømstad, 8th - 11th of September

OPTIKTEAM: Denmark, Vejle, 10-11th of September

NYT SYN - Danmark, Hindsgavl, 26th of November